Support of HFI

Any gift or donation to HFI is tax deductible. HFI is a public charity as classified by the Internal Revenue Code. Upon receipt of a gift or donation, you will be mailed a letter also acknowledges that no goods or services were exchanged. We ask that you keep our acknowledgement letter for your tax files. Please be advised that, in compliance with the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions Law, a financial statement for the HFI organization is available, upon request, from the Division of Consumer affairs in the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

As a non-profit organization, HFI relies on membership contributions, corporate support and fundraising events to meet its annual objectives. Your membership gift or donation is sincerely appreciated.

The mission of HFI is to help protect both the history of Fincastle and its unique position as an educational resource for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America.

Our Vision
The village that is Fincastle today will continue to be a distinctive and culturally significant community that balances an abiding respect for its history with the needs of 21st century Botetourt County. In the midst of new residential development, Historic Fincastle, Inc., will participate in the development and success of programs to preserve and conserve the spirit of Fincastle, its historic streets and buildings, and its natural setting in a vibrant local economy.

Fincastle will remain the center of an eclectic, working community that embraces new people and new ideas–a pleasing, educational place that makes visitors glad they came and anxious to return to an old town with a progressive spirit.

Our Mission
The mission of Historic Fincastle, Inc. is to support the preservation of the historical, physical, cultural, and natural resources of Fincastle, Virginia, and its surroundings.