Israel Christian House

Israel Christian House

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Our Vision

The village that is Fincastle today will continue to be a distinctive and culturally significant community that balances an abiding respect for its history with the needs of 21st century Botetourt County. In the midst of new residential development, Historic Fincastle, Inc., will participate in the development and success of programs to preserve and conserve the spirit of Fincastle, its historic streets and buildings, and its natural setting in a vibrant local economy. Fincastle will remain the center of an eclectic, working community that embraces new people and new ideas–a pleasing, educational place that makes visitors glad they came and anxious to return to an old town with a progressive spirit.

HFI Elects Officers, Directors

At their recent annual meeting, Historic Fincastle, Inc. (HFI) elected their 2024 officers and directors.  Some faces are new, while others are HFI veterans.

For the Executive Committee, Patsy Dickerson was elected HFI President.  Patsy is a long-time Fincastle resident and has been an HFI member for several years.  David Lloyd, new to Fincastle and HFI has been elected Vice President, while Fincastle resident Yvonne Saunders will act as Treasurer.  New secretary Meredith Bowman-Shelton from Daleville will fulfill the HFI Secretary role.

Twelve new directors were also elected, with some returning faces and several new folks stepping into the director role. 

Executive Committee members and directors will serve either a one or two year term, depending on if they have served in the past year.

The executive committee has also developed a list of committee chair roles in the areas of event planning, communications, facilities maintenance and others.  Some of these roles have been filled, but HFI is always looking for volunteers to make our mission a success.

Please click here for a complete list of Executive Committee officers and directors.


About The Dorothy Simmons Kessler Collection

Over the course of her lifetime Dottie Kessler researched and collected a large volume of information about Fincastle history and culture.  When her family carried out her request that her historic archives be given to Historic Fincastle, Inc. it was with the understanding that HFI preserve, archive, display and distribute her notes, writings and photographs of the town and county in a manner that honors her love for her town and county.  The members of the Archives Committee were determined to be good stewards of this treasure trove of Fincastle information.

The HFI Archives Committee has worked tirelessly scanning, transcribing and uploading numerous documents and images from Fincastle’s past.  The searchable collection is now fully accessible online through PastPerfect, a web-based cataloging system used by history museums.  Below is an image of the main page.  You may access the collection/database by visiting  Clicking on this link  or the image below will open a new browser window.