Ron Lucas Award

Whereas the Board of Directors of Historic Fincastle, Inc desires to recognize members who have volunteered their time and resources to help our organization fulfill its mission to support the preservation of the historical, physical, cultural, and natural resources of Fincastle, Virginia, and its surroundings.

Whereas Ron Lucas was a resident and community leader of the Town of Fincastle since 2001 and with Valerie lovingly restored his family home, Prospect Hill, to reflect its true grandeur and historical past.
Whereas Ron’s achievements as a family man, husband, father, grandfather, dog owner, and historian were a reflection of a kind, creative, and generous spirit embodied in a man who lived large, laughed roaringly, and enjoyed the finer things in life.

Whereas Ron continually contributed time, talent and business expertise towards Historic Fincastle, Inc serving as President leading the Board of Directors and association members with enthusiasm and determination through deeds and efforts too numerous to count. Ron fiercely protected the integrity of Historic Fincastle, Inc. and on occasion “went to battle” on its behalf and showed his unwavering dedication during regular office visits entering the room with “and what’s the mighty town of Fincastle up to today?”

Whereas Ron championed the preservation of Fincastle’s historic buildings, many of which bear his personal renovation and restoration talents including Prospect Hill, Solitude, and Academy Hill. Ron’s attention to detail and appreciation for craftsmanship are evident in these beautiful homes.
Whereas Ron’s vision helped all remember that the town had to be protected and cherished to keep the small, untouched community preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the members of Historic Fincastle, Inc. would like to recognize Mr. Ron Lucas for his service to this organization and that the Board of Directors of Historic Fincastle, Inc. does hereby present this Proclamation of Appreciation to his wife, Mrs. Valerie Lucas, in honor of Ron for his years of dedication to Historic Fincastle, Inc., the Town of Fincastle, Virginia, its citizens, and for making Fincastle a better community.

Be it Further Resolved that a copy of this proclamation will be kept with 2013 HFI minutes as a permanent testament to Mr. Lucas’ dedication to Fincastle.

This the 07 day of December, 2013

Carol S. Brenner, Co-President
Marni Jones, Co-President